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Over The Top Communications

The difference between an okay online shopping experience and a fantastic one is communication from the seller. We know that and strive to offer the best communication in the business.

Ellen H.
Though I did not contact the seller, I received 3 very courteous, and professional messages from them, giving me additional details, and letting me know that they are available should I need any assistance. It is this level of customer service that makes me exceptionally glad to have purchased a product from a specific seller. Great job, folks! Thanks!

Tom S
GREAT seller with GREAT information about the product, and GREAT follow up.

Mary L
The package arrived on time, excellent service! I loved the text messages keeping me updated on the delivery status.

Philip T
The customer service by this company is far superior to anything I’ve experienced. They checked in with me at each stage of my order – from the initial shipment, out for delivery and delivery of the product. They also have been providing educational information about probiotics and prebiotics – answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. Looking forward to starting this probiotic supplement.

Virginia F
Excellent communications from seller.

Theodore A
Very fast delivery, super friendly and helpful emails.

Super Fast Shipping

We know that buying online means you don’t get the instant gratification of walking out of the store with your product in hand. We ease that pain by offer best in class shipping powered by Amazon Fulfillment.

Catherine K
Awesome product everything needed in one vitamin feel great will buy again. Fast shipping!

Lawrence C
The multivitamin arrived promptly and with no issues. Great service.

Julia P
Fantastic product, fast delivery!

Eli Garcia
Great speed and packaging, thank you!

High Quality Products

We know you have to try out a supplement before you know if the product is high quality and will work for you, but perhaps knowing what other happy customers think of the quality will help.

Aldous R
I felt a noticeable difference in my energy level after a couple of days and then I noticed I was eating less because I didn’t feel as hungry. I never had problems with bowel movements, but decided to try this product for other health benefits. This is not vitamins & caffeine. There is no energy boost followed by a hangover. I’m 50 but I feel almost like I’m going on 30. Great Product!

Kevin M
Best peobiotic I have ever tried. I have tried many. I took them, as directed, & after 2 weeks or less noticed a major difference in my gut health & especially my skin. My stomach no longer gurgles after a large meal & I digest food WAY more effortlessly. My skin is smoother, tighter & more youthful. This is some powerful stuff. Worth every penny.

James L
I have suffered with IBD for most of my adult life, and I have used many different brands of probiotics, and I only received partial relief from these products. Within about three days I was feeling better, and now I am completely free of the effects of IBD. Last week I had a colonoscopy and my Doctor found no trace of the disease, and I told him I tried a new probiotic.

Sylvia N
Excellent product; a must have for intestinal health. I experienced benefits within 24 hours of first dose. I will be buying this again!