Double Verified

Gluten Free

The Gluten Problem

Gluten is a type of Lectin, Mother Nature’s very own type of pesticide… with human beings (and other animals) being the ‘pests’ mother nature is trying to ward off.

Lectins are a type of sugar-binding proteins that can and do cause all sorts of digestive issues in the creatures that consume them. Their stickiness allows them to attach to the lining of our digestive tracts and essentially destroys optimal digestive function.

For further discussion on Gluten, Lectins, and the harm they cause, check out this illuminating article on Mark’s Daily Apple.


How We Combat The Problem


Transparent Labeling

We provide full disclosure of all our products’ ingredients, including what ingredients are not contained in the product. We make sure that our “Contains No” statement list gluten where applicable.

We also highlight the gluten free status with a logo on the front panel of our labels. This helps you quickly recognize the gluten free status without having to search for it elsewhere on our labels.


Higher Standards Than The FDA

We have gone one step further in assuring the gluten free status of our products by testing our finished products for gluten. In mid-2013 the FDA announced a decision defining Gluten Free as 20ppm. This is more than double what we allow in products.

We confirm that none of the products we offer with our “Double Verified Gluten Free Logo” contain more than 10 ppm gluten.

You can take comfort knowing that our products labeled with the logo have undergone in-house analytical testing for gluten to ensure they are gluten free.

Each product with this logo has undergone gluten testing using an ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) procedure (a machine that detects the presence of an antigen in a sample) to detect the presence of gluten and provides a consistent, science-based set of standards that helps you easily choose recognize Gluten Free status in the products you purchase from us.